Benefits Of Using Biodiesel Over Regular Diesel

Biodiesel i.e. chemically processed vegetable oil and animal fat-based fuel, is being widely promoted and adopted for a wide range of applications in recent times. There is a great deal of interest in this alternative fuel technology and for good reasons. After all, it is being looked upon to be a lot safer and better than the regular diesel when it comes to fuel efficacy and performance as well as environmental concerns. Prominent manufacturers have started production of Biodiesel at their large and small-scale productions.

Despite the growing popularity and demand for Biodiesel over regular diesel, most people are still uncertain about the key benefits of using Biodiesel.

Here are some of the critical advantages of using Biodiesel and what makes it better than the regular diesel.

  • Biodiesel can work with almost any diesel engine, especially the ones installed in newer models. The existing or older diesel engines may need slight modifications to make use of biofuels.
  • Using Biodiesel means emitting a lot less of those greenhouse gases and air pollutants. B20 can help reduce CO2 significantly, lower global warming, and thus protect the environment.
  • As Biodiesel is more slippery and carries higher lubricity than petroleum diesel, it means lesser wear and tear of the engine, which in turn means lower issues with your vehicle engine.
  • The same energy efficiency, better safety, and higher lubricity of Biodiesel only add to its list of benefits. It is seen that vehicles that run on Biodiesel are able to achieve a much higher fuel economy while creating less pollution.
  • Biodiesel is indeed a much better economic choice because of the soaring prices of petroleum-based products and the fast depleting oil reserves. Many countries are already lowering their dependence on fossil fuels.
  • As Biodiesel carries higher oxygen content, one can expect lower pollution emissions. Moreover, as there is no sulfur in Biodiesel, it means reduced pollution from the engines.
  • Biodiesel can be more aggressive, as it is chemically more active as a solvent than petroleum diesel and hence much safer with careful use of some materials.
  • As Biodiesel is much less poisonous than petroleum diesel, it is an excellent solution in case of any spill clean-ups. As compared to petroleum, Biodiesel creates less particulate, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.
  • With lower pollutants on the roads and the atmosphere, thousands of people can enjoy better health outcomes because of the switch to Biodiesel.

It is seen that Biodiesel blends of B2 help to lower carbon-based emissions significantly, and the quality of petroleum diesel fuel is seen to be more uniform and reliable. Moreover, higher use of the Biofuels will lower the dependence on fossil fuel reserves that are already limited on earth. Scientific research has confirmed that Biodiesel exhaust carries a much less impact on human health and environment when compared to petroleum diesel fuels.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of using Biodiesel, contact your vehicle dealer and learn how you can modify your vehicle engine to use biofuel. Perhaps your vehicle engine may need to undergo slight modifications or may need none of those changes to use the biofuel as its source of power.

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